When visiting Greenhills, Go North” WE welcome all residents and their guests to use the excellent sports and community facilities of NGA. We continue to upgrade our facilities to meet the growing demand for sports and social interactive requirements in a safe and secured environment within the confines of our exclusive village. We have a group of friendly and service-oriented staff to assist in any sports activity and security concerns. We also have provided for ample support facilities like comfort and wash rooms and parking spaces. We hope you visit us soon and have an enjoyable experience.

NGA Office

A. The NGA Social Hall

                                                       President's Hall at Johnson Park

Social Hall Rates

20,000 for 5 hrs

250 pax

4,000 per succeeding hour.

15,000 security bond

(For reservation, please ask first the NGA resident's endorsement)


The GAZIBO at Johnson Park

Reservation is exclusive for NGA resident only

Gazibo Rates

6,000 for 5 hrs

80 pax

5,000 security bond

The Mckinley Pavillion

Mckinely Pavillion Rates

10,000 for 5 hrs

120 pax

10,000 security bond


B. Our Parks & Ecology Centers

C. The NGA Covered Court
     Mckinely Park - Basketball Court

Mckinely Park - Basketball Court Rates

P 250 / hr w/o lights
P 450 / hr w/ lights

Subject to change because of the improvement.

Call for Reservations. Look for Ferdie or Noel


Johnson Park - Basketball

Johnson Park - Basketball Court Rates

P 1,200 / hr daytime use
P 1,500 / hr nighttime use

C. The NGA Tennis Club

Tennis Court Rates

1. For Residents - Daytime: P 50.00 /head/hour
                         Nighttime: P 75.00/head/hour

2. For Non-Residents - Daytime: P 85.00/head/hour
                               Nighttime: P 125.00/head/hour

Minimum Playing Time: One (1) Hour

For Locker Room:

1. Monthly Rental - P 100.00/month

2. Daily Rental - P 10.00/day

Please take note that the above fees do not include the services of the trainer and ball boy.


D. NGA Gates

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